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Ahmad Akram Abu Alragheb
Director, Investment Department

Joining Arbah as Chief Risk Officer in 2008, Mr. Abu-Alragheb assumed an active corporate business development role. He is currently the Head of Investment and responsible to oversees the firm’s product and services development, including the structuring of Mutual Funds, Real Estate deals and Private Equity funds for large and mega-sized projects. He is an active member of the Investment Committee, Board of Directors Consulting Committee, Audit Committee and Compensation Committee. Prior to joining Arbah, Mr. Abu-Alragheb held a variety of experiences at family and foreign-owned trade and finance businesses, worked at JDIC founded by the Central Bank of Jordan, Cyprus-based Pile Trading Limited Co, with business in Jordan and Iraq and GCC countries. Mr. Abu Al Ragheb holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Jordan. He also has several professional certifications in Finance, Investment, Banking, Risk Management, Compliance and AML.