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Arbah GCC Liquidity Fund

Arbah GCC Liquidity Fund is an investment fund invest in money market and fixed income. The Fund is an open ended, Saudi Riyal-denominated fund that aims to provide liquidity upon investor request and capital growth by investing in short-term and fixed income instruments ( investment grade and non-investment grade) supported by assets of GCC countries, compliant with Shariah standards and approved by the Fund's Shariah Committee.

The Fund will not distribute dividends to the unit holders and will be reinvested in the Fund to the unit holder’s benefit. SAUDI INTERBANK OFFERD RATE (SIBOR) is the benchmark for comparing the performance of Arbah GCC Liquidity Fund. The Asset Management team works to outperform the benchmark index performance. Investors can monitor the index performance on the Bloomberg or Reuter’s or any of the Saudi banks. This index is the interest rate on loans between Saudi banks or the interest rate on loans between Gulf banks, a specific weighted.

Unit Price 10.1106
YTI 3.58 %
YTD Change 3.58 %
Fund Manager Arbah Capital
Base Currency Saudi Riyal
Benchmark 3 month SAIBOR Rate
Fund Objective Capital growth and liquidity
Minimum Subscription Amount SAR 10,000
Subscription and Redemption time 12pm daily basis
Valuation Days The NAV is calculated every working days
Initial Subscription Fee No fees
Management Fees 0.55% Per Annum
Custodian Fees 0.25% Per Annum